Midsummer Muse

Canada Day

The Canada Day celebrations were, with out a doubt the best ever. Aside from that first fortuitous  happening in 2009 when we cobbled together a team and were stuck at the end of the parade and the people clamoured to join the procession with us, singing and dancing, so much so that the police motorcycle guard that was bringing up the rear had to peel off and leave us to our own celebratory devices. (OK you can take a breath now) Aside from that one, this year was the best.

We had the best sound, which is an almost impossible task since we are all using wireless instruments and microphones and moving through a city with hundreds of thousands of wireless signals, Steve and Paul from Revolution Sound were outstanding! The band was pretty darn hot with old faithfuls, Kenton Wiens on Drums, Chris Lemky on Electric guitar, Kathleen Nisbet on fiddle, Brett Ziegler on the infamous keytar, Jonathan Perkins on bass and Sandy Rosen singing and getting people moving. 

The dancers were so good! Sarah Robinson our most recent Mirror Dance Program graduate lead the team of Kendra Antosh, Riley Dougan, Rachel Silver, Jenny Trachsel and Joanna Anderson. Their energy and creativity was unstoppable down the whole parade route as they had folks from the sidelines joining in with them.

The crowd was massive, the biggest yet! ...

All in all an amazing day with great people in a great city and a great nation.


After Canada Day I went with my mom to NYC for a course on art, faith and culture with Makoto Fujimura hosted by Regent College and it was an inspiring few days. We explored art and it's influence in history, it's voice in the world around us and the artist's role in culture care. FANTASTIC! Much needed encouragement! The next day mom and I walked the High Line and enjoyed that delightful perspective of New York. That evening, before we left NYC, mom and I went to church. It was a congregation from Redeemer Presbyterian Church East Side and Laila Biali was leading the band. This church places a high value on art and career musicians, singers and songwriters (who mostly work in the regular music world) are paid to minister like the levites of old and like the way most current churches pay pastors and janitors. It was absolutely refreshing to hear such amazing, unique, well-arranged, well-performed, thoughtful music in a worship service! 

Rain Dance

Sandy and I spent holidays with her cousins in Kenora (we saw 7 bald eagles flying in a V formation just above us.. cool-weird-wonderful) and then we were back to the arid beautiful BC weather and then a surprise and much needed rain soaked event at Cultus Lake Waterpark. We work with the park to create two night slide events each summer. The July event featured my band and Graham Ord's band, The Trips as well as the ever entertaining Ezra Kwizera. There is nothing like dancing in the rain to the sounds of Africa. Coming up August 14th we are back at the Cultus Lake Waterpark with Ezra and The Tourist Company!


One of the best things we do is investing in young people. Our Mirror Dance Program has had great success as our graduates have become instructors, started there own schools and launched their own professional productions. Please help us get the word out about this fantastic resource for those wanting to pursue a career in dance.

The Dance Barn is an amazing place on a quiet street in Langley, full of great families and skilled compassionate instructors. I love taking the adult hiphop class! Why not sign up for tap, jazz, break dance, contemporary or ballet. Or what about one of Sandy's dancing for your healing classes? 

We have recently expanded our partnership with Rogue Dance on Commercial Drive in Vancouver and we are now taking a lead role. We would love you to drop by the website and sign up for classes across from JJ Bean on Commercial Drive Vancouver. 

Christmas Tales 2015

Booking Now! We still have some dates available for Alberta, Okanagan and Southwest BC. To help you make your Christmas event spectacular, please give me a call and lets get the fun and inspiration of Christmas Tales in your community.