Apparently Toronto IS the centre of everything.

Just back from a book tour in Ontario with Sandy Oshiro Rosen's Bare. It was shortlisted for two Word Guild awards and though the book didn't win, we were delighted to be there as every day presented fantastic connections; the president of Tyndale bought a stack for his faculty, we got to meet with the Coping Centre in Cambridge who care for grieving families, we stayed with the senior advisor of the Atkinson Foundation, we had coffee with a director of Hospice Ontario, we stayed with Motus O dance company who not only do some amazing shows they are pioneering in dance as grief therapy.  So many great connections and inspirational discussions including one with Jeff and Charity Goring.

We came home to a wonderfully warm west coast and Sandy jumped right into full speed as she 'called' dance shows for Harbour Dance's ITP and the Happening Dance studio and I sang a few solos for the Marcus Mosely Chorale at Vancouver Jazz Festival's Jazz Vespers at St. Andrews Wesley.

So now it's some summer shows, a summer school class from Regent College, holidays and prepping for fall. Which means registrations for Mirror Dance Program, Dance Barn Studio, and our new partner, Rogue Dance in Vancouver. It also means booking Christmas Tales and showcasing This Thin Place and The Table