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Booking now for Spring and Fall 2019. Stay tuned for tour details.

2019 Tour

Early March through early May

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Church For Vancouver March 31 2016 article Peacemeal’s creative story-telling got through to one ‘church leaver’

CBC Radio One Good Friday Morning 2016, Rise Up Singing with host Marcus Mosely


Flawed Apostles...

"Thanks again for Peacemeal last night -- song and story and fellowship and everything!  I sensed holy joy rising up all around the room.  It was compelling to encounter the "apostles" with their flaws and sense how inclusive that meal is / should be.  The songs choices were delightful, both orginals and covers - from Rise Up songs to the late great Johnny Cash.  You had us singing along so easily!"

Lee Boehm, Associate Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC

Community Table...

"Our world is in a mess. We are in a mess and we need a table. We need a “Peace Meal.” Invite this show to your Sunday service, to your church basement, to your church gymnasium, to a small group. Better yet invite the community to this table. Start a conversation around a meal. And If I haven’t done a good job of convincing you to book this show – ask anyone who has seen it. I have no doubt that they will agree." (more from Paige here)

Paige Hansen, High School Drama Teacher, Delta BC

Moving Journey...

"PeaceMeal is a 'must see' experience. The creative storytelling and songs that go with it, took me on a powerful and moving journey . The audience was gripped but there was humour too. I left with lessons of life and faith ringing in my heart. I shall never forget PeaceMeal. I have never experienced anything like it. " 

Max Sinclair

Stirring Conversation...

"I experienced something new. Our church invited Justyn, Russ and Brett to bring their Peacemeal show to our back to back morning services in Chilliwack. The vivid dramatic and creative musical expression was really profound. I was moved by the fresh approach to the meal that Jesus shared with his followers before his death and especially his heart to welcome everyone to the table, despite their personal issues. I would love for everyone to see this. It’s the kind of thing that friends and neighbours who aren’t church folk would really enjoy coming to and it stirs up some great conversations.”

Shawn Vandop, Pastor, Main Street Church, Chilliwack

Food for the heart and soul...

PeaceMeal is food for the heart and soul. It is a story of hope and redemption not only for us as individuals, but also for our world, which is so badly in need of healing and peace.

I laughed, I cried, and was left feeling inspired, renewed, and full of hope. PeaceMeal is not something you just experience, rather it is something to ponder as we interact in our relationships, communities, and the world around us.

Ruth Blake, Barnabas Family Ministries