...thank you for bringing This Thin Place to Campbell River. You had me laughing, you had me in tears, you filled me with joy, you broke my heart, and you had me forgetting to breathe. It has been years since I heard the audience so silent and so captivated.
— Gordon Jaques, lighting designer
One of the most powerful shows I’ve seen... Sarah Robinson has crafted an emotional masterpiece that draws our eyes up from the relics of cancer and grief.
— Craig Ketchum, educator
Not only was I moved to tears but I could hear weeping all around me and the finale had me leaping to my feet cheering... wow!
— Russ Rosen, singer song-writer

Created by: Sarah Robinson

Choreographed by: Sarah Robinson, Kezia Rosen, Olivia Hudyma and Rachel Silver

Creative Director: Sandy Rosen

Based on the blogs of Sandy Glum, Damned Near Killed Him, A chronicle of love, hope and despair in a time of cancer. Published by Big Tree Publishing. The blogs are also published with the alternate title, This Thin Place.


Dance has a way of bypassing the mind to connect with the heart and somehow bring healing. This show touches everyone who has ever had someone close to them struck with cancer, anyone who has ever felt sorrow, ever suffered, ever needed hope.