Christmas Tales

If you have a desire to enrich your connection with your community and have a great time doing it, we would love to help!

We have worked with dozens of people to bring the Advent season alive with a compelling retelling of Christmas and we would love for you to experience that joy as well.

Our storyteller, Justyn Rees and singer/songwriters, Russ Rosen, Shari Ulrich and Graham Ord deliver the songs and stories like you've never heard before.


So many of us are concerned with the level of fear, hate and violence around the globe and at home.  We would love to stand with you as you advocate for peace and forgiveness in your community.

PeaceMeal is a passionate interactive music and story show that will help open up the dialogue, and is a great way to introduce friends and neighbours to the inspirational and life changing gospel of peace.

Music Festivals, Concert Series and Community Events

Big Tree Publishing has worked with Rogers Santa Claus Parade, Vancouver Canada Day Celebrations, Cultus Lake WaterPark "Night Slide" Concert Series and many community events to bring high quality local music to stage.

Russ and Chad

Russ Rosen Band Concert

Russ is an authentic, well seasonned singer-songwriter who passionately draws in an audience. With diverse sounds and styles, Russ and his band of top level session players, deliver story driven roots rock starting parties in your soul.