Russ Rosen Band and Justyn Rees have had 6 packed seasons of Christmas Tales and 2019 has dates available.

We are now accepting  bookings for Dec 2019. Please get in touch with us. 

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Maybe you or someone you know would like to host this fantastic, hilarious, interactive and inspiring show. 

Here's the info for potential hosts.

Christmas Tales

A compelling retelling of the first Christmas

Raconteur, Justyn Rees and singer/songwriter, Russ Rosen join forces with multi- instrumentalist Brett Ziegler and percussionist Calum Rees to deliver the songs and stories like you've never heard before. A definite "Must See" this Christmas.

Performer Bios -2015 Christmas Tales Program

If you are considering hosting such an event, here are some options to ponder.


Theatre - A ticketed event in a theatre makes for an attractive community happening. Christmas Tales can be staged as a stand alone show or as part of a larger production.

Dessert Banquet - Your guests may just love the social relaxed atmosphere of a cozy Christmas dessert event. The first act of Christmas Tales is the perfect main course to go before a spread of supmtuous treats at intermission. Follow that up with the thrilling and moving finale and you have an unforgettable evening.

Church - Christmas Tales can be compressed to fit within an advent season church service or expanded to be a extra special community Christmas event.

School - High school assemblies are offer an amazing opportunity for students to connect with a rocking, hilarious and unique take on the traditional and historical Christmas story.

Prison - In the 2013 run we had a great response with the inmates so if you have connections on the inside...

Home - inviting the neighbourhood for this compelling retelling is a great community mixer and a valuable investment in meaningful relationships.

Banquet - Everyone loves a feast, so pull out all the stops, kill the Christmas goose, and let Christmas Tales delight your guests!



We have posters and hand bills that can be customized for each event. You can also use this video on you-tube to invite guests to your event. 

At least 6 to 8 weeks before your event is the right time for hosts to: provide event listings in local community online and printed calendars; a Facebook page for the event; a friendly email invitation sent to the whole mailing list; hand delivered invites to the local community. You could also get the local paper involved be suggesting a they do a feature story in this unique event. Here is one example, or you could work with local radio to get the word out.

Preparing for the event

Food - Whether this event is in a home, banquet hall, gym, theatre or church, food is a wonderful way to bring people together and a dessert buffet at intermission is about the best thing ever!

Decor, Seating and Lighting – can make a world of difference. A comfortable social and listening environment make everyone relax. Also think through how guests will view the stage and how well it will work for the performers. Unobstructed sight lines and stage lighting can help immensely. 

Sound and Staging - Russ and band will come with their own instruments. When groups over 30 are envisioned please see the Tech Rider

Ideal stage size is a minimum of 20' X 15'. If it’s in a home things can be crammed in tighter.


The actual program is a mixture of music and storytelling and is best when a full 2 hours is allotted. This would include a short intermission. Length can easily be adjusted to adapt to time constraints and other locally organized elements in the event (shortest version 55 minutes). 

The Music: A trio of musicians deliver and engaging array of creatively arranged traditional and original Christmas music. The audience is invited to sing along with the better-known tunes and will easily find themselves connecting with the new ones. Music on iTunes

The Story Telling is propelled by Justyn's skill with accents and hilarious commentary. He is completely captivating and, with a story as powerful as the first Christmas, it's an absolute delight . Justyn’s page

The day of the event

Load in, set up and sound check 2 - 4 hours before event depending on event size.

If set up and performance falls over a mealtime, it sure would be nice if the performers could be fed.

Books and CDs will be made available for guests to purchase, so a product table will need be set up in an appropriate location with a volunteer to help guests with their purchases. (The performers are likely to be occupied interacting with guests)


Justyn, Russ and the team have already put many hours of work and preparation into offering “Christmas Tales” to guests in your town. They can’t wait to partner with you in this celebration of Christmas. They are ready and willing to work hard with you and to present the program as often in a day as opportunities can be found. So please contact us and share your vision to connect with your community and we can take the next step together. We all want to make the very most of every day of this coming Christmas season. This is going to be a lot of fun.

Contact: Russ Rosen: 778 549 8401 

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